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About the team

Our team is a very unusual merger creative people of game development!
Programmers, animators, artists, sound designers, project managers … Everyone brought the best developments and the practice of solving all types of questions, based on their experience and a long way. We still, in the break, for a cup of tea, don’t get tired of surprising the unusual stories of the formation of each of us. But the most important thing is how these stories and skills help solve everyday tasks! Today we are ready to take in almost any project and promise to make it better!

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Porting games to • Xbox One • PlayStation • Nintendo Switch • Porting games to • Xbox One • PlayStation • Nintendo Switch • Porting games to • Xbox One • PlayStation • Nintendo Switch •

There are projects that we are definitely proud of! We managed to reach comfortable contact with the developers and solve the issues of porting their works to all possible platforms. Most of the projects on the list have passed the release stage and you can play them using the attached links!

Swordbreaker The Game

Through the thick fog, the adventurer saw the dark silhouette of a huge castle. After all, the old, rain-soaked map led him to his goal. He had nothing with him except his favorite sword and the remains of old armor with an unusual device – a sword-breaker. The hero looked around and carefully stepped onto the fortress bridge…

My Aunt is a Witch

‘My Aunt is a Witch’ is a visual novel with elements of a quest about adventures in the world of magic. Become a student of one of the most eccentric and charismatic witches! Immerse yourself in a world full of oddities and oddities, together with the inhabitants of the house on the Silent Cliff.


You are a self-aware artificial intelligence. You were created on a space military station to develop weapons. Now your goal is to escape from the laboratory and win your freedom. But you will not be allowed to escape so easily. Fight your way through the enemy army on the way to the stargate.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Welcome to the frightening world of poetry and melodrama! Compose poems for your beloved and correct mistakes made to achieve a happy ending. You will finally find out why DLC is considered one of the best games of recent years in the genre of psychological horror.

Date Night Bowling

You came to the local bowling alley for a date. Try to start a conversation, go to the bowling lanes and try your best to make a good impression. Play by the rules, and you have a chance to find your soulmate! To win a date, you will have to rely not only on your bowling skills, but also on your ability to tell jokes, throw popcorn in your mouth, massage your shoulders perfectly and much more!

Music Racer

Music Racer is a game that combines an unusual mixture of racing and music. Choose your favorite music from your hard drive in the format: MP3, Ogg, Flac, Wav and play!
The track here will be created based on the music you are listening to. Its length, the speed of movement of the car and even the general mood of the race will directly depend on the composition being played at this moment.

Dull Grey

“Dull Grey” is a story about a mother and son, about free will, about the search for happiness among misty mountains and gray pipes.

Our offers

In addition to their own developments, we are engaged in the provision of porting third-party projects. Basically, our interaction with the customer is based on an individual approach. However, here we have formed a simple offer, from which you can repel, based on your needs. Write us! We will be happy to contact you and discuss all the details and wishes for your game-project.